Chronicling the lives of dogs worldwide, Nancy LeVine lovingly and painstakingly captures the authenticity of their being and how they enrich our lives. Her work is seen and celebrated throughout the world in books, publications and fine art museums.

The power of Nancy’s work is now available to capture and pay tribute to the special relationship you have with your dog. Nancy will work with you to plan and complete a natural photoshoot and produce fine art prints that will become timeless reminders of the enduring bond between you and your dog.

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  • Maxie and Lulu
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Evening Magazine TV segment/King 5     Really Good DOG Photography (Hoxton Mini Press/ Penguin, 2017)

Really Good DOG Photography is an anthology of the most interesting fine art dog photography being exhibited now. Nancy LeVine's dog photography has been included in this prestigious book and she offers 'tips' on helping people photograph their dog

The Today Show

I was invited onto The Today Show to showcase my photography from Senior Dogs Across America and also, to help find homes for 3 dogs from 11th Hour Rescue. We found homes!

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