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award winning photographer Nancy LeVine

Dogs have been part of my life since childhood. So has photography. I feel very fortunate. It was not until a rainy day in Paris, though, that my two loves came together. This photo of my dog Babe began my passion for looking deeper into the eyes of a dog with my camera.

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And so began my journey.

Dogs are my muses as I create authentic photographs of them - the unique selves that they are on a particular day in a particular place. My first published book, A Dog's Book of Truths (Andrews McMeel Publishing,2002), featured my mini-Aussies, Lulu and Maxie. I have always thought of Lulu as the 'Meryl Streep' of the dog world as she visually sensitized me to how a dog can convey such different moods depending on how she is responding to the environment around her. For my second book, Senior Dogs Across America (Schiffer Publishing,2016), I traveled throughout the United States photographing more than 150 senior dogs living in broadly diverse settings of American life. It was such a deepening experience.

One of my greatest joys on this journey was visiting and photographing senior dogs in shelters, sanctuaries, and those who were in foster or hospice care. I continue to focus my attention on senior dogs through #senior_dogs_across_america and Facebook. Last year I contributed 50% of my royalties from book sales to senior dog rescue groups in the months of November and December. I intend to do the same this year. Senior dogs are the most wonderful dogs to foster and adopt!

And now, it delights me to share my passion for dogs - all ages -with you.

Photography Sessions explains to you all the ways this is possible.


Nancy LeVine is an award winning photographer who has traveled worldwide on a variety of assignments. Senior Dogs Across America (Schiffer Publishing, 2016) has been featured on The Today Show, Oprah.com, The Huffington Post, The New York Times LENS Blog, Boston Globe, BBC, Feature Shoot, Lens Culture and numerous other websites around the world. A solo show of this work opened at the Houston Center for Photography. Nancy’s dog photography was selected for the book Really Good DOG Photography (Hoxton Mini Press/ Penguin, 2017). This anthology features the best dog photography in the world. Her assignment resume is extensive and it includes Seattle Children’s Hospital, Starbucks, and PBS. The first phase of her career was focused on fashion and personalities in New York and Paris. Her work has appeared in numerous publications such as L’Officiel de la Couture (Paris), Vogue, and The New York Times. LeVine’s first book ‘A Dog’s Book of Truths’ (Andrews McMeel) was published in 2002. Her photographs have been presented in gallery shows in New York, Seattle, Houston and Los Angeles. The New Britain Museum of American Art collects her work and presented the photograph in a group show. Nancy completed her Master of Arts degree at NYU/ICP. She currently works on assignment in New York, Seattle, and wherever the assignments take her. Nancy's newest photographic project ‘Art: The Moving Thread’ is a photographic portrait series of nationally recognized women in the arts who are all connected by the Thread. www.browneyesgallery.com

Seattle King TV - Evening Magazine - Senior Dogs Across America

Senior Dogs Across America is featured in this Evening Magazine segment. Behind the scenes as Nancy photographs a group of senior dogs who have been friends for most of their lives. Very special!

Collectively, 'Senior Dogs Across America' received vast worldwide media attention. The Today Show, The New York Times LENS Blog, Oprah, People, Slate, The Huffington Post, Feature Shoot, Lens Culture, Peta Pixel, Houson Center for Photography, BBC, Daily Mail UK, Next Avenue, PBS, Boston Globe, Bark magazine, Esquire(Russia), Photoworld(China), La Prensa, Evening magazine (TV, Seattle), A Photo Editor, Photographic Center Northwest, ai-ap Profile/David Schonauer, are some of the media.

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