Chronicling the lives of dogs worldwide, Nancy LeVine lovingly and painstakingly captures the authenticity of their being and how they enrich our lives. Her work is seen and celebrated throughout the world in books, publications and fine art museums.

The power of Nancy’s work is now available to capture and pay tribute to the special relationship you have with your dog. Nancy will work with you to plan and complete a natural photoshoot and produce fine art prints that will become timeless reminders of the enduring bond between you and your dog.

Popular Options for The Deluxe Session

session runningotis running water.jpg

Full Speed Ahead!

Your pup is young, vibrant, and can't be stopped. ACTION! Our photoshoot will be devoted to capturing these feats of athleticism whether catching a frisbee, jumping off a dock, or you name it.

Gracie Session Photos8years old BonnersFerry, Idaho 3-15.jpg

Cozy and Calm

Your best friend finds the best thing in life is being cozy on the bed or sofa and snuggling. Or leisurely walking through the woods or on a beach. A beautiful, poignant stage of life that must be remembered.

Session photo Kenya 10yo fawnwhite Willie 8yo brindal.jpg

Out and About

You have an idea but have never quite been able to capture it with your iPhone or point and shoot camera. You would like to have this memory beautifully expressed in a photograph that will always make you smile. We will work together to make it happen! With a special toy, a particular locale, or his/her best canine buddy. What will it be?


Me and You

The definitive portrait with you and your best friend. We will concentrate on having you look your best and find a location that speaks volumes to the life you share together. A forever keepsake.

Tigger work page.jpg

Take Your Dog To Work

You always have your dog with you, wherever you are working. Your dog joins you at the office where there are multiple dogs, his buddies. Your dog is a working dog, herding sheep or cattle. I will focus on your dog's point of view as he/she moves throughout the work day.

session show dog.jpg

Skills and Specialities

This opens the door to an experience you would like me to document over the course of a half to full day. Anywhere in the United States. A dog show you are beyond thrilled to be a participant? An agility performance? A family reunion? Tell me what it is and we will make it happen. Special price upon request.

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The Storytelling Sitting

A family affair. You decide who is included. All welcome. I spend 5-6 hours with your family documenting all the activities. It can be your routines or you can plan a special event. Our imaginations will be at work to create some amazing, authentic family moments that I will capture with my eyes noticing everything. There will be an abundance of images to choose from that belong in your own special photography album. Special price upon request.

Schedule a photoshoot with Nancy - or 206-250-1019