He had such a good time during the shoot - he always loves an audience, loves a water wetting, and knows to hit his marks and tell the truth.

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Nancy is a true master of her craft and a joy to work with. She came to our home in Putnam Valley and spent an hour shooting our 5 month old puppy, Bean, both in the backyard and on a walk in the woods. The final images blew us away. Nancy guided us through selecting which to print, weighing in on the contrast, composition, and lighting while also just speaking as a fellow dog lover deeply invested in understanding and representing Bean’s wisdom, mischievousness, and sense of play.

Joey car 1800 px.less tint.jpg


We loved our experience with Nancy.

She is truly an amazing photographer and artist. Through her lens, she captured the heart and soul of our beloved little pooch, Joey. Stunning photographs taken with care and patience. Thank you, Gubby and Gillian.


Bruno, Stella, Lucca

Stella,15.5 years old, in the middle, is the super senior of the family. On the left is Bruno, 10 years old, and on the right is the 'baby', Lucca, 5 years old.

Bruno and Lucca website light.jpg

Bruno and Lucca

Testimonial to follow.



Testimonial to follow.

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Nancy LeVine is a nationally recognized photographer (especially of dogs) and it was our deep good fortune to have her do photographs of our 15 year-old Aussie, Maggie. In August, Nancy spent time with us to capture on camera Maggie's personality, her humor and intelligence. These photographs are not just beautiful (and they are gorgeous!) but deeply special to us. Nancy made Maggie relaxed and comfortable so the photographs capture a lovely range of moods and expressions. She even offers a special photo package for Senior Dogs--and I highly recommend her book "Senior Dogs Across America." One reviewer calls her the "Annie Leibovitz of dogs," which is so true, except that I suspect Nancy is more fun to work with:) And she's in Seattle. I cannot recommend her highly enough in every way.


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Working with Nancy was AMAZING. She took time to find the perfect place to shoot our two dogs. She communicated with us every step of the way. She was patient and had a feel for the dogs. I have to tell you it is not easy to capture constant motion, but Nancy did a great job. She not only captured the energy of both dogs, she captured the heart and soul of both Archie and Quincie; Archie with his sweet, gentle smile and Quincie with her cocked ear and unforgettable face. We are so glad we had the opportunity to work with Nancy.

I would say if you ever have the chance, don't let it slip away. Dogs are in our lives for such a short time but Nancy can create a memory that will last you a lifetime.




Nancy LeVine is an exceptional photographer, but beyond that, she is a true “dog whisperer”. Recently, I had the pleasure of watching her photograph my dog Bailey, a 17-year-old miniature poodle. With a masterful mix of compassion and patience, Nancy was able to capture his every emotion in a series of remarkable images. These stunning photographs not only reflect his personality but offer a window into his soul. They are images that’ll be treasured for years to come.

--Jolie Roze