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The Deluxe Session

How to begin our collaboration?

Please take a look at the different kinds of photographic sessions possible by clicking here.

Which makes sense for your dog?

Next, after an exchange of emails to set up our phone consultation, we will talk at length about your dog(s) and where she/he is happiest which will lead us to deciding on the best location. Perhaps where you have the most fun. It will be an opportunity to share your stories with me. That is an important part of making this a successful collaboration. We will decide on the time of day and any other considerations that arise. While we will plan this as much as possible, dogs often find their 'own' spots and I welcome those moments. That is the 'organic' part of the photoshoot. The surprises are always welcome!

  • Our photo session is approximately 2 hours. I photograph until I am totally confident I have caught multiple moments that you will treasure FOREVER.
  • I will select 25+ photographs that I will individually process so you can see their full beauty and depth. A private online gallery will be set up for your viewing. We will then meet in person to go over the details of your image choices and how you would like to view them in their final form.
  • Your choice of 2 full size image files creatively processed in black and white or color. Each file will be processed by me to exhibit the most beautiful emotional and technical image possible and is ready to be custom printed by me or shown across your social media. Option to purchase additional images.
  • The Deluxe Session - $595

Schedule a photoshoot with Nancy - or 206-250-1019

Please review below the various add-ons for prints or image files.

Custom printing. Museum quality and archival.

Size options

  • 5x7 - $55
  • 8.5x11 - $115
  • 13x19 - $225
  • 17x22 - $395

Each file will be processed by me to exhibit the most beautiful emotional and technical image possible.

Additional full size image files - $65 each


Combine 20-25 of your favorite photographs from our session into book form. I will work closely with you on image selection and then I will put them in order and into a layout that showcases the beautiful photographs of your dog. You can add text to the book. Hard Cover. $1200